Q1:How to contact customerservice?

         Answer:Clik “Contact Us”( at the bottom of our website) to contact customerservice.

         You could send an email to [email protected], or add qq:2726784852,or call: 1(888)666-7723,to contact our customerservice.

Q2:About your account.

         1).Do I have to sign up before placing order?

         Answer:You could place your order without signing up. But if you have registered as a member, which free of charge, your could enjoy more convenient shopping experience and bigger Coupon.

         2).How to revise my account information?

          Answer: Please login into your account, and visit “my account”to revise.

 Q3: Why the payment remains the same after I used the coupon

         Answer: After you entered the“Coupon”; please click “apply”,then the amount you need to pay will decrease.

         If it shows that the Coupon code is not valid, please check if you have a typo or contact customerservice to get new “Coupon“.

No. 2 Payment questions.

 Q1.Why the Coupon code is invalid?

         Answer: Coupon code commonly combines English letters with numbers. The same item may have different Coupon codes. Please kindly check if the Coupon is right ,then click “apply“ to make it effective.

         Our customerservie is ready to help you if you couldn’t deal with it.

         Note: You can only use one Coupon code for one order. Using two or three Coupon codes for the same order is not permitted.

                  2: Please check if your coupon is expired. If so, please change to another one or contact our customerservice to get a new one.

Q2. Should I pay for sales tax?

         Answer: All items sold by Huarenstore shipped to America have no sales tax except New York.

Q3:Order questions.

         1).Can I call customerservice to place an order?

         Answer: We are sorry that we don’t accpt call order to protect your privacy.

          2).Can I change or cancel my order?

          Answer: Once your order has been placed, we could not change it for you. But if the item has not been shipped, we could cancel it. ( Please kindly send en email or call our customerservice).

          If the item has been shipped,then you should bear the two-way shipping for cancelling it.

Q4: Payment questions.

         1).How could I pay for my order?

         Answer: You can pay by Paypal, Credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express and Debit Card.

         2).It shows gateway error when I am paying?

         Answer: Please kindly check your credit card information.

         3).Why my phone alarts the payment, but no order is placed?

         Answer: Your phone message is just reminding you of the prepayment. Please kinldy contact your Credit card company to confirm if the payment is really done.

 Q5:When can I receive the refund?

         Answer: Huarenstore will process the refund within 1-2 working days after the retuned item has been delivered. And the money will be back to your acccount in 1-7 working days.